Now, enjoy playing Go (Baduk) against the strongest AI KataGo on your mobile.

1. Enjoy Go (Baduk) with the strongest AI KataGo on your mobile.

Games with AI KataGo that were available on PC are now available on mobile as well.
The PC version, which is complicated and difficult to install, is no longer required.

2. Compete equally with the 'Opening Game'.
It is a reality that playing a game with KataGo on even with komi or even without komi makes it difficult for a professional go player.
But, what if it is only for 'Opening Game'? Compete on an equal footing with the KataGo within 50 moves, and study and see how the KataGo puts it.
And use it in a match against people. You will feel that your skills have improved.

3. There is no time limit for the game.

Once you start a new game, you can load and place the game anytime you want, and there is no time limit.
Regardless of time, take it easy and think about the best move.

4. AI Best Move

Ask KataGo to find the best move. There are a total of 3 candidates, the higher number on the stone, the better.
But all things considered, the best move KataGo thinks of is a blue spot.
Therefore, you need to follow the blue stone.

5. AI Judge

Instead of counting points, KataGo judges how strong it is by the size of ownership. All Go spaces have a value between 0 and 1, and the closer this value is to 1, the greater the ownership.
In this program, if it is higher than a certain value, it is counted as point, and if it is lower than a certain value, it is marked as strength. Also, the size of ownership is represented by the size of the space, so this size tells the AI ​​how to figure out what's going on.